Conquering Travel: Hocking Hills

A couple weeks ago, the Husband and I had our second vacation for the year. Typically, we take a weeks vacation time in June for our anniversary and a week in the fall near Halloween. It’s his favorite time of year, Halloween! We haven’t always gone away but were able to find a quick cheap vacation spot only a couple hours away.

We’ve known about Hocking Hills for some time now, we’ve just never gone. If you’ve never been, it’s a great trip especially in the fall when the trees are in full fall color. There are a lot of caves, cliffs and falls to see. Enough for a full day plus of hiking. Personally, we thought a full week (Arrive Monday afternoon – leave Friday morning) was a bit too long for us, there’s still plenty to do.

We decided to grocery shop instead of eating at restaurants for a week. We still ate too much. Oops.

Tuesday, we hiked for the day. Thursday we rewarded ourselves with a winery!

We managed to cover almost all of the Cave’s except two. Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, Cantwell Cliffs and Rockhouse. I think my favorite had to be Cantwell Cliff’s with the cave. Neither of the area’s were very crowded. Might be because it was mid-week.


Hocking Hills Winery was not anything that we expected. We didn’t check out their web site, but they were the only winery in town and we like to check out wineries in any place we travel to. The winery is tucked back behind a long gravel road next to the highway. Smaller spot, but packs a lot inside. They even gave us a tour. I wish I got photo’s of their interior. It was beautiful there. They even had a heated patio it was perfect to relax outside.


All in all, it was a nice getaway, barely any cell service, no wi-fi in the cabin so it was quiet. Like I said, probably better for a couple day trip instead of an entire week.

Last but not least, this little SOB gave us a nice heart attack. We almost walked directly into it while it was webbing down from a tree in the middle of the woods.


Have you been to Hocking Hills? What did you think and how long did you stay?


Dear Diamond

It seems like a lifetime since then even though the details of the day are so fresh in my mind.

You asked me to take off work for the day, unusual, but I had a vacation day to use so why not.

For weeks you’d been raving about a haute steakhouse downtown that your superior had recommended. I couldn’t say no considering my love affair with food. For weeks my friends and co-workers alike would say “it’s coming, you know it” “do you think he’ll do it?”

Propose. That’s what they meant. We had already been together Seven years at this point. Not two months prior you looked in my eyes and flatly told me you just weren’t ready. It broke my heart, but it was respectable of you to be so honest. That was a risky little game.

That day came, you told me the attire. I ignored everyone’s assumptions. I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful evening you planned, the work you put into the date night had it not been “The” date night. I wanted to spend a night out with my love. Dress up, let loose, enjoy the moment.  We didn’t arrive casual. Plum dress, my color of choice. Canary yellow cocktail ring. That’s the detail that spun us into the big question.

Prior to arriving, I quietly ditched the cocktail ring. I have a habit of twirling my hair, the ring would continue to pull strands out the entire ride there.

We attempted to to go to the observation deck, closed on a Friday, that wouldn’t foil your plan. We walked around, you always knew how much I loved Christmas and all it had to offer. The nutcrackers and decorations weren’t short of magical.

Then it happened. I looked over the rail down three floors where vendors would sell their one of a kind ornaments. You asked where my ring was, still looking down I answered almost brushing off the question. It kept getting stuck in my hair, I ditched it in the car.

The minute I turn around you’re standing there with “the” ring. Babette as I so affectionately her. To which you said “Will this ring get caught in your hair?”

That ring could have pulled it out in chunks, I’d wear her anyway.

You then surprised me with our two best friends that met us at that Steakhouse. A perfect ending to a perfect evening.  Calling our parents and closest friends and family was truly an experience I’ll never forget. Three years to the day and I’ll never forget a single detail.


Six Months

It’s been six months since I’ve gotten married. I’ve started numerous blogs throughout the past several years and I’m feeling the itch to write again. I’m not a writer by trade or even a good one, but I feel like it’s the easiest way to explain what goes on in my head.

The last posts I wrote were on another blog prior to getting married, they were posts leading up to our big day, the hope was to write about the last year of my “old” life and how I transition into the “new” married life.

2015-06-05 Rick-Kari Wedding_1023

This last year proved to be way too hectic to even think about writing or even what to write. There is so much that goes into planning a wedding and I have realized that I am not nor would I ever want to be an event planner.¬†For every detail I forgot, my bridesmaids (one being an event planner) they thought of three details to replace it. The best part? To this day I would never change a single thing at our wedding. It was everything we wanted and more. (All professional wedding photos taken by Todd Anguish Photography). Look him up, he’s the best of the best.

2015-06-05 Rick-Kari Wedding_0367.jpg

With that all said, I’m going to start anew. As of December 5th, I have been married for six months. I know what you’re thinking. “High five for long term!” right?

I have so many mixed emotions. I am thrilled to finally be not only a Mrs., but his Mrs. It’s so true what they say, your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye. It did, even faster I think. The six months that followed seemed to go by just as fast. We’ve been spending our days going back to normal, he cooks delicious dinners when I get home from work or we go out with friends. When people tell you that nothing really changes after you get married, they’re right. However, something inside changes. You have a new love for your spouse. A bigger love, a stronger feeling of connection to them.

12294625_10153744878450429_3927723147361918843_n (1)

For any of those who know me, I am someone who takes photos of every waking moment of my life. I always say that when we’re all 95 and can’t remember each other’s names, these photo’s will come in handy.

I plan on using this space to document the several facets of my newly wed life and my married life. If you’re looking for a haute blog with fabulous finds and the most perfectly decorated home, this is not that place. This is a place where you’ll find a passionate person with a lot of emotion who can be cluttered and clumsy. I have the best intentions.

Hope you enjoy.