I’m starting this blog to document my journey to get healthy again. Not just physically but overall in general. I’ve always been one to go from one extreme to another and then completely fall off the wagon, hard, until I can find something to go all in on again. I was never able to acquire that balance.

Eight months before I turned 30, I started a goal list appropriately titled #30B430 . I wrote down 30 things “goals” I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30.

I completed three quarters of that list and I was pretty impressed with myself and it felt like a good motivator. So I kept with it. I started doing goal lists each year. #31in31 and so on.

Every year, however, I completed less and less and added more and more to my lists. Being overwhelmed with the list, life and everything else I just allowed my purpose to go to the wayside.

For the better part of 2016 I spent it stressed out, anxious and not giving thought or effort to my goals, my health and the worst part? My husband.

I sat down to really think about what to do for 35. I don’t feel that 35 in 35 would motivate me and it’s basically the same things rolling over from the previous years.

Having said that, I came up with “Conquering Kari”. I struggled with the name at first because I thought that “Conquer” would require an end date. Eventually I accomplish it and then what.

So I looked up the definition and it said:



overcome and take control of

synonyms: triumph over, be victorious over

successfully overcome (a problem or weakness).
“a fear she never managed to conquer”

So, with that said, I am here to Conquer Kari. I will make a commitment to myself to set goals, smash them and find purpose in through the process in an effort to strengthen myself and my relationships as time goes on.

Enjoy the ride!


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