Conquering Cooking: Holubky

One of my favorite things about the holidays is TRADITION. I’m a big big fan of it. I don’t typically care for trying new things on the holidays. (Think: White Elephant). I love every bit of family coming together, laughing, enjoying home cooked meals that everyone brings to the table whether it’s a sit down dinner or a bunch of different items to graze on throughout the day.

Growing up, my grandmother would always make what our family calls “Holubky. It’s the Slovak word for Stuffed Cabbage. It was a staple at every family holiday so when our grandmother passed a lot of our family members tried to replicate the recipe from memory because she never wrote it down. She was great like that. She could just get up and make just about everything from scratch without having to refer back to a recipe. I knew this because growing up I would spend my summers there while my mom was at work and would go there right after school so around 4:00 pm every day, she would get up and start making dinner. Something different, every day, from scratch. We’d eat promptly at 5:00 pm at the dinner table.

Anyway, eight years have passed and we still don’t have the exact recipe. So we’ve all tried our hand at it as best as we could. For me, this past weekend was my first time making it. My cousins and I got together and spent a few hours prepping, boiling, rolling and laughing. My Uncle said to me yesterday “That’s what making Holubky is good for, getting together catching up and laughing”. Not to be too sentimental, but you get kind of a great feeling being able to continue someone’s tradition after they’ve passed, keeping their memory alive.


With that said, what’s your favorite family tradition? Cooking, decorating? I’d love to hear it!

But seriously, if this is a “Nestle Toll House” moment from friends I’ll just kick myself. #NestlayTolhouse’ About 0:50 seconds in.





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