Conquering Travel: Hocking Hills

A couple weeks ago, the Husband and I had our second vacation for the year. Typically, we take a weeks vacation time in June for our anniversary and a week in the fall near Halloween. It’s his favorite time of year, Halloween! We haven’t always gone away but were able to find a quick cheap vacation spot only a couple hours away.

We’ve known about Hocking Hills for some time now, we’ve just never gone. If you’ve never been, it’s a great trip especially in the fall when the trees are in full fall color. There are a lot of caves, cliffs and falls to see. Enough for a full day plus of hiking. Personally, we thought a full week (Arrive Monday afternoon – leave Friday morning) was a bit too long for us, there’s still plenty to do.

We decided to grocery shop instead of eating at restaurants for a week. We still ate too much. Oops.

Tuesday, we hiked for the day. Thursday we rewarded ourselves with a winery!

We managed to cover almost all of the Cave’s except two. Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, Cantwell Cliffs and Rockhouse. I think my favorite had to be Cantwell Cliff’s with the cave. Neither of the area’s were very crowded. Might be because it was mid-week.


Hocking Hills Winery was not anything that we expected. We didn’t check out their web site, but they were the only winery in town and we like to check out wineries in any place we travel to. The winery is tucked back behind a long gravel road next to the highway. Smaller spot, but packs a lot inside. They even gave us a tour. I wish I got photo’s of their interior. It was beautiful there. They even had a heated patio it was perfect to relax outside.


All in all, it was a nice getaway, barely any cell service, no wi-fi in the cabin so it was quiet. Like I said, probably better for a couple day trip instead of an entire week.

Last but not least, this little SOB gave us a nice heart attack. We almost walked directly into it while it was webbing down from a tree in the middle of the woods.


Have you been to Hocking Hills? What did you think and how long did you stay?


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