34 in 34 – Red Solo Resolutions

As everyone gears up for the new year and prepares their new-year’s resolutions, I sit down to compare and work on a list of goals. You may have noticed the title “34 in 34”. Every year this title will change.

I used to make up these lofty resolutions back in my 20’s, you know, the ones you will never stick to. Unrealistic resolutions without a proper plan to reach them. That’s when I panicked. I thought “Holy Shit” I’m going to be 30 in eight months! This was four years ago.

Once my panic subsided I sat myself down and produced a list that I appropriately titled “30 b4 30”. Rather than making resolutions, I wrote down a list of 30 different things that I wanted to attempt to achieve before I turned 30 that following March. It gave me eight months to really pack everything I could into that amount of time.

You may think that a list of 30 things to accomplish in eight months isn’t realistic either, however, I didn’t give myself a strict deadline. I went into it with the idea that I would make the effort to achieve everything I could by that March. At that point I would re-evaluate the list, check off what was completed and start the next list more appropriately titled “30 in 30”.

This way every year I could cross off anything I could and add more as each year passed. That brings me to December 2015. With so many things that have consumed my time over the last two years (wedding, traveling and a job location change) I didn’t exactly achieve as much as I’d hoped but it did shed light on the fact that I achieved things I hadn’t even listed.

You may be asking what the “Red Solo Resolutions” part means. This is more of a serious/silly tradition my friends and husband have together. On New Year’s Eve we each have a red solo cup and we write three resolutions on it right after it hit’s midnight. We’ll right a couple serious and a funny one. Then we pass the cups around and write a resolution that we want for that person. It started off as a joke and then it stuck for the last few years.


With all of that said, I was a bit more specific this year for my goals and I broke them down into three areas. Health/Wellness, Personal (which will include me and my husband) and Professional.

Sneak peek to the list (I plan on revealing them only as I complete each goal).

  • Run the Cle Marathon 10k in less than an hour (if it’s 59:59 i’m good with that!)
  • Be in the position to put a down payment on a home with my husband by Dec 2016 (even if we don’t find the perfect home by then)

Goals over Resolutions.




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