Dear Diamond

It seems like a lifetime since then even though the details of the day are so fresh in my mind.

You asked me to take off work for the day, unusual, but I had a vacation day to use so why not.

For weeks you’d been raving about a haute steakhouse downtown that your superior had recommended. I couldn’t say no considering my love affair with food. For weeks my friends and co-workers alike would say “it’s coming, you know it” “do you think he’ll do it?”

Propose. That’s what they meant. We had already been together Seven years at this point. Not two months prior you looked in my eyes and flatly told me you just weren’t ready. It broke my heart, but it was respectable of you to be so honest. That was a risky little game.

That day came, you told me the attire. I ignored everyone’s assumptions. I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful evening you planned, the work you put into the date night had it not been “The” date night. I wanted to spend a night out with my love. Dress up, let loose, enjoy the moment.  We didn’t arrive casual. Plum dress, my color of choice. Canary yellow cocktail ring. That’s the detail that spun us into the big question.

Prior to arriving, I quietly ditched the cocktail ring. I have a habit of twirling my hair, the ring would continue to pull strands out the entire ride there.

We attempted to to go to the observation deck, closed on a Friday, that wouldn’t foil your plan. We walked around, you always knew how much I loved Christmas and all it had to offer. The nutcrackers and decorations weren’t short of magical.

Then it happened. I looked over the rail down three floors where vendors would sell their one of a kind ornaments. You asked where my ring was, still looking down I answered almost brushing off the question. It kept getting stuck in my hair, I ditched it in the car.

The minute I turn around you’re standing there with “the” ring. Babette as I so affectionately her. To which you said “Will this ring get caught in your hair?”

That ring could have pulled it out in chunks, I’d wear her anyway.

You then surprised me with our two best friends that met us at that Steakhouse. A perfect ending to a perfect evening.  Calling our parents and closest friends and family was truly an experience I’ll never forget. Three years to the day and I’ll never forget a single detail.



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